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Read what current and past awardees have to say about the Minnie Bairstow Scholarship

"The Minnie Bairstow scholarship has changed my life.  It has made it possible for me to gain independence and agency on where I live and what kind of lifestyle I choose to create for myself and my family.  It not only has helped me afford rent  but given me the financial freedom to focus on other essential items. 

"Receiving this scholarship has also given me drive to succeed in my studies.  I started out part-time but have gained the confidence and have the financial support to continue my studies full time. I feel supported by this scholarship and in turn feel obliged to do well in my chosen degree. 

"I would not be as successful, and in the position I am today, without Minnie’s support.  It has definitely been a major stepping stone for me to grow as a mature age student, a mother, an Aboriginal woman navigating tertiary education and to broaden my career perspectives from a place that is safe and supported. 

"I highly recommend this scholarship to all those who have the drive and aspiration to grow personally, professionally and create a change that will ripple throughout their own lives’, their communities and beyond. Thanks Aunty Min."

2019 Recipient, Bachelor of Psychology, Murdoch University

"The Minnie Bairstow Scholarship has relieved a lot of financial pressures, and has helped me remain focused on my study. It not only has helped me personally to focus and pursue my goals, it has allowed me to provide the adequate care for my family, given I care for my two younger siblings outside of my work and study commitments.

"I highly recommend students take the time to apply for the scholarship as it can help you, and your family, in the same way as it has helped me and mine.

"I really appreciate this award, as well as the Minnie Bairstow trust members who have taken the time to get to personally know me and my story. They have been nothing but welcoming throughout my degree, and will do anything they can to provide support! Do not miss out on the opportunity to apply!"

2019 Recipient, Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Curtin University

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